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It's Happening in Maine, too!
WA CPS loses in Supreme Court
What happened in Wenatchee?
WA: No grandparent visitation rights
IN: Foster Care Prison: One Girl's Story

Read the official report on the DSHS' handling of the Wenatchee cases. 
Family and Children's Ombudsman
The Office of the Family and Children’s Ombudsman
1998 Review of the Wenatchee
Child Sexual Abuse Investigations
(OFCO Report)
Read the Seattle P-I Special Investigative Series. 
Power to Harm
A record of abuses
in Wenatchee
State workers responsible for protecting the children acted with a zeal that often did more harm than good. Mental health therapists behaved more like cops pursuing evidence than counselors easing children's pain. Police, prosecutors and judges permitted civil rights violations, conflicts of interest and rulings that may have denied fair trials for many defendants.
Then read the DSHS position on what happened in Wenatchee 
Is the
WA DSHS logo
in denial?
the OFCO Report
Was the DSHS in Denial?

the OFCO report
Is the DSHS still in Denial?
Were the Wenatchee sex-ring investigations a modern day witch hunt?

Read the comparisons with the Salem, Massachusetts witch hunt and decide for yourself.

In Re the Custody of Sara Skyanne Smith

WA Court finds WA Grandparents Visitation Rights 
statutes unconstitutional because they "impermissibly 
interfere with a parent's fundamental interest in the 'care, 
custody and companionship of the child.'"
"Short of preventing harm to the child, the standard of 'best interest of the child' is insufficient to serve as a compelling state interest overruling a parent's fundamental rights."

 Upheld by US Supreme Court

Troxel v. Granville

SupremeCourt Victory! 7-2
CPS case overturned
In re the Dependency of A.E.P.
135 Wn.2d 208, 956 P.2d  297 (1998)
   Listen to Oral Argument
         Read the Briefing

Successful father represented by Preble Law Firm

In the Case of A.E.P. linked above, the Supreme Court declined to require videotaping of child interviews, deferring instead to the legislature. Within a week of the decision, Chairman Pam Roach convened a public hearing of the Senate Law and Justice Committee to address the issue in the 1998 Legislature.

Within several months, the OFCO report , noted above, recommended that if verbatim or near-verbatim notes were not feasible, "that CPS interview documentation be accomplished through verbatim transcription. "

The legislature of the state of Washington continues to address the issue of verbatim records of child interviews. As of April, 1999, there is still no statutory requirement.


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