As you read Heather's account of her family's contact with
the CPS, ask yourself:

Who are the real child abusers?
Are the CPS workers guilty of emotional abuse?

Five Days in Foster Care Prison

by Heather Eley, age 15

                  Heather Eley, age 15, lives in Winchester, Indiana, with her father, David Eley, and eight siblings. The above story was told by Heather, six weeks after her mother, Pam Eley, died unexpectedly at home. An important backdrop to the story is the long-standing animosity from Pam's side of the family (Cox), who do not approve of the Eley family's strict religious practices, such as home schooling and wearing modest clothing.                  

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If you are outraged by the actions of the Randolf County Child "Protection" workers, you may contact them and their superiors directly:

Rhonda Bowman                     
Joy Woolf                    
Steven M. Cox, Director               Katherine L. Davis, Secretary
Division of Family and Children
Omco Square, Suite 200
Winchester, IN 47394
     Family and Social Services
         Administration (FSSA)
Fax: (765) 584-4806
     E-mail your comments

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