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Hi!  My name is Valerie.  The internet is a very big place
and I'm glad you managed to find my little corner of this
vast online world. I have been a life-long resident of the
Pacific Northwest and currently live in Washington state
with my husband, Brian and our daughter, Tessa.

My husband works for the state of Washington and I am
 taking a few years off work to stay home with Tessa.
  My interests in life are quite varied (maybe too varied!)
 and I have tried to represent many of them here.
 I would love to hear from anyone who wants to further discuss
 any of the topics found on the following pages. 


Flood Photos My Sept 2006 trip to Nashville for the
 MOPS Convention

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Come visit my daughter's page and learn
all about Tessa Dianne.
d_wildst.jpg (5649 bytes) Do you consider yourself a Child of the 80's?
Look at my list of 100 ways to tell if you truly are
one of the Children of the 80's.

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Want to know what makes me tick?
Here are some links to a variety of topics.

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My favorite Books...

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Are you a Titanic fan?  Come see our Titanic...
wa.jpg (4969 bytes) Are you from Western Washington?
See if you are a true blue Western Washingtonian!

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Read about our February 28, 2001
earthquake experience.

See some of the scrapbooking pages I've done.

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Any questions or comments about the things you
have seen here?  E-mail me!

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Some Uniquely Northwest Links:

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Western Washington

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