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Puyallup Fair with Grandma and Poppa
While Val was in Nashville for the MOPS convention, Tessa stayed with Grandma and Poppa.
  They went to the Puyallup Fair on September 22nd.

Dog Bite
On September 29th, Val was attacked by the neighbor's pit bull.  The bite on her leg didn't
 break the skin too badly but was bruised and sore for weeks.  This picture
 of the inside of Val's left knee was taken about a week after the attack.

Point Defiance Zoo
My friend Michele and I met at the zoo on a teacher workshop Friday in mid October.

Michele's four youngest- Becky, Gabe, Eli and Ben

This shot was pure luck!  He moves fast for being so huge!

Shilpa and I- October 29th
I've known Shilpa since we were neighbors as kids.  She now lives in southern California but was in the Seattle
 area on business so I drove up to have lunch before she caught her flight for home.
We asked some random guy outside Olive Garden to take our picture and it was really windy
 so this isn't particularly good of either of us.  Oh well.

Carving the Pumpkin
Our trip to the pumpkin patch was kind of a last minute afterthought the Saturday before Halloween.
  Thankfully the weather was beautiful.  We even got to do our carving outside this year.

Halloween 2006

Our neighbor Pam goes all out for Halloween.  People come from far and wide, year after year to see her display
so every year it gets a little bigger.  She should keep track of how many hours she spends putting it all together.

Pam up on the roof stringing lights.

I was happy to stay on the ground and take pictures...


At school Tessa was a lion for Halloween...

...and changed into her cheerleader costume for
trick or treating at night.

Tessa's 6th Birthday
Tessa turned 6 on November 11th.  Her party was very laid back and everyone seemed to have a good time.

Tessa points out her age among the numbers she has hanging on her bedroom wall.

Tessa had a Curious George theme this year.  Celeste, Daniel, Tessa, Maddie and Anna
 patiently wait for the candles to be lit on the cake.

Anna, Celeste, Maddie and Tessa

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These Pages Dedicated in Loving Memory of
Tessa's Great Grandfather

Raymond R. Robinson
May 23, 1923 - February 15, 2001

We will miss you Grandpa.  I promise I'll
tell Tessa all about you.

Tessa's Photo Contest Wins

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April 2002 TopBabyPages.com
Photo Contest

Tessa won for TOP BABY (10-18 months)
and my cousin's little boy won
for overall TOP EYES!

Way to go Tessa and Jacob! :)

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See Tessa's visits with Santa over the years...

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