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03/17/06: Most of the Konarak performance images have been up for days now. The last two will be video stills. It takes considerably longer to find a good freeze frame to substitute for a still photograph, and more time to remove some of the blur from motion. I've been too involved with redesigning the Dance Shop pages to find the necessary time. I think all the links in the Dance Shop were working alright, but some of the formatting was not functioning as it ought. Those pages should be fine now, but a heads up from anyone who sees a problem would be appreciated. Remember these pages are designed to view properly at 1024 by 768 screen resolution. Well...

Last night I also put up a couple more pictures of Sashimani Mahari (they are only accessible from here for now). When we went to Orissa last Ratna was having to shepherd a class of college students, and we were preparing for the Konarak performance. There wasn't even time for me to go visit family, so we only stopped briefly in Puri to leave a little funding with the maharis. Sashimani had missed us; She'd been sick again and this time we weren't there. She complained we hadn't known she was sick and come from our village, America, to comfort her. How can one even begin to explain the distances involved to someone who has lived their entire life in one place?

Unhappy we weren't staying to visit, Sashimani decided we needed to get her a new sari. An ingenuous stalling ploy if you think about it! We were obliged to do as she wished, so I took a couple of quick digi-pix of the process. They aren't great as photos, but they are a record of sorts. Again, to see those pictures you have to go here. The work on this site continues...


02/25/06: There is a lot of work to do to get some of these pages caught up, but for the moment check out the photo gallery's new layout. Also, please note, there are now photos of some Ordissi musicians. I will try and get some pages up soon about our most recent performance in Orissa. Begging your indulgence... David

12/23-25/05: This is a new page dedicated to getting the word out, so to speak. Please take a few minutes and read. Tell your friends!

(01/10/05) I haven't had time to mention updates/maintainence to the web site lately. Am currently working to get this page more up-to-date. We are now selling silver jewelry from Orissa to raise some funds to try and help the last two maharis from the Jagannatha Temple in Puri, Orissa, who are aged and not looked after by much of anyone. To see what new images have been added checks the New Photographs section below. -- David


(02/02/05) Unfortunately, I've not kept up the log for the book store. Not only have we new books for sale, unlisted before, we are now offering Odissi silver jewelry. Soon Orissi dance bells, and flower crowns, will be added and more new dance books too. See what all is available at our Orissi Shop. Go there now.

New Photographs

(03/29/06) Wow! Lots of new pictures since I updated this section. The Gallery has a new structure. There are photos of Orissi musicians, our last performance, and now some patrachitra pictures of the Panchakanya (on the Mahari Repertoire page). I'll try and remember if anything else is new and put links here. Be sure and explore the gallery if you haven't lately.

(01/10/05) There is now a photo of the Taj Mahal in the photo gallery, and an image of Sashimani Mahari there also.

Working in Orissa

February 2006 was the most recent. See the the News page for more information. to see what we were doing

All the best from,
Ratna and David

Work in Progress

This site is a permanent work-in-progress, so we hope you will check back regularly and see what has been added.