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Through these pages I've had the pleasure of meeting some incredible people.  Some just write to say "thank you" or "good job".  Others write to share their stories of the mountain.  Most of them I never hear from again but several have become long term e-mail buddies.  On this page I want to share some of the e-mails I have received over the years about my Mount St Helens pages.  I treasure everyone of them.

My daughter had to do a "landmarks" project for school. After choosing Mt. St. Helens, we searched the web and found your site. It is very informative, interesting and not so 'busy' you have to go through several pages to find what you're looking for.  We are from Massachusetts, so your work goes a long way.  We just wanted to thank you.

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I just wanted to thank you for sharing all of this info about the Mt St. Helens eruption, I recently also saw the movie Dante's Peak and was facinated by it, I live in the North East and all we get up here was snow. When they mentioned that Mount St. Helens was bigger than Hiroshima, I wanted to see for myself. I have learned a lot from seeing and reading your page and I thank you. It was most enjoyable and facinating! Thanks again.

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Hi I'm a freshman how recentley visited Mt. St. Helens. It was a pretty enjoyable trip and we had to do a report to show what we learned. I found your homepage from looking at a search engine and found your page very informative.  I really like you pictures and the facts that you put on your page. Thats about it. But I just want to say cool web page.

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I'm a fellow WA webring member and just wanted to say your site on Mount St. Helens was great! I just moved here about a year ago but my wife is from here and we both enjoyed your site. I put a link to it on my site under the NorthWest button if you care to take a look. It has a little flashing 'new' gif by it. Anyway great site and if you want me to remove your link just let me know.

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I have been wandering through the internet trying to find photos of Mt. Saint Helens. Your page has been the most helpful and the most beautiful.  I wanted to let you know your work is appriciated.  Thanks!

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Hello, Valerie.  I LOVE your Mt. St. Helens web page! I'm from Portland, Oregon (although I now live in Arlington, VA and work in Washington, DC).  My parents both chose to be cremated and to have their ashes scattered on Mt. St. Helens -- which we did from a plane. 

Next week, my husband and I are going to Portland, and we plan to visit the new visitors center at Johnston Ridge.  Have you been there yet?  Do you know whether the interpretative trail has been completed?  If so, please let me know.

Thanks so much for creating this wonderful web site!!! 

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What a wonderful website you have put together! It was by far the best information about Mt. St. Helens that I have been able to find, and gave me exactly the info I was looking for. I plan to visit the mountain on July 31 and am very excited.  I've always had an interest in volcanoes, and was fascinated when the big eruption occurred. Here in the Sierra Nevada foothills of Northern California, we were affected when a freak snowstorm hit on May 23, 1980, five days after the eruption. Since we rarely even see snow in winter, I'm convinced it was related to the ash cloud that had circled the globe.

It has been an 18-year dream of mine to see the site, and my only regret is that I must do it in a day trip from Portland. But thanks to your terrific and well thought-out information, I know exactly where I want to go. Thanks so much!

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You have done an excellent job on your pages on Mt. St. Helens.  I found your site from the Washington State Web Ring.  I enjoyed reading and looking at the pages.

I was also nine years old when Mt. St. Helens erupted.  I lived between Othello and Lind, WA at the time.  After the clouds started rolling in and the ash was falling, my Mom drove twenty miles to our house.  I remember it being very dark and the ash falling at a faster rate as we got closer to home.  We made it home safely.  The thing I hated most about the eruption was having to wear the mask.  Getting out of school a couple of weeks early was great though.  A week after the eruption, I went to stay with my family in Central Oregon.  My cousin was still in school, and I got to be the highlight of the day when they found out I had been through the eruption.  

I've only made it through the e-mails I received through October of 1998.  I'll add more soon!

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Of course I also get tons and tons of e-mails like the ones below.  I think some of these people are not actually reading my pages.   Unfortunately I have to write back and tell them all of the information is there if they take the time to look for it but I won't write their research papers for them. 

Please tell me the exact details of the eruption that happened in the morning may 18 1980.  Thanx!!!

Do you know exactly what happened during the eruption in chronological order? If u do, please e-mail me!

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