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Marshall speaker cabinets create a wall of sound that can be heard and felt. Used by AC/DC, Everclear, KISS, White Zombie, and 1000s more.

Mode Four Cabinets Mode Four MF280 and MF400 4x12 Cabinets
These new cabs are designed for the punishing low end that today's 7-string and dropped-tuned guitarists demand. Available in 280 and 400 watt cabinets, and designed to rock with Marshall's new Mode Four 350 watt amplifier. More...

1960A Angled 4x12 Speaker Enclosure 1960-Series 4x12 Cabinets
These Celestion-equipped cabinets are used by top artists around the world. Available in angled (top) and straight (bottom) designs for a stunning backline that commands attention and sounds great. More...

AVT50 head with AVT 4x12 cabinet. Cabinets for AVT and Valvestate
Marshall designed slightly smaller 4x12 enclosures for the new AVT line that also fit the older Valvestate series. These cabs house specially-voiced Celestion speakers to deliver that famous Marshall sound at a reduced size and price! Shown is an AVT50 head atop an AVT412A (angled) enclosure. More...


Marshall JCM2000 TSLC212 CabinetCombo Amp Extension Cabinets
Increase your sound coverage by using an extension cabinet with your combo amp. Marshall extension speaker enclosures are built to complement your amp, physically and sonically. More...

Marshall 640 Watt 8x10 4 Ohm Bass CabinetMarshall 8x10 Bass Cabinet
This bass enclosure compliments the Marshall 400 bass amp. Constructed of premium materials, this tough cabinet has eight 10" speakers. Designed to safely handle a massive 640 watts of power, this enclosure can dish it out and take it, night after night. 4 ohms.

Marshall cabinet joint Marshall Cabinet Construction
Marshall builds their cabinets road tough. Box joint corner construction (pictured), quality casters, rugged internal handles for easy lifting, and the finest speakers, ensure that your sound will be reproduced the way you like it, night after night. More...

Marshall BC824 Cover
Covers for your Cabinets

Protect your investment with genuine Marshall logo vinyl covers. They'll protect your speakers from rips, tears, moisture, and dust and keep your gear looking like new. More...

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You will also find photos of vintage cabinets sprinkled throughout the Marshall Photo Gallery.

And last but not least, the definitive work on older amps and cabinets is Michael Doyle's informative book, The History of Marshall.

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