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freebies2go logo Free Internet Access
plus free Internet utilities, email, and the free ISP graveyard
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Free Internet Access -- is it right for you?

    Internet Utilities

  • Double your Internet Speed - Free download speeds up your web browsing. It really works! (US)

  • Check Your Net Connection - Does your Net connection seem slow today? Find out for sure with this handy, free online bandwidth test. Works with all types of connections: dial-up modems, ASDL, cable modems and ISDN. (worldwide)

  • ZoneAlarm: Protect your PC - If you have DSL or a cable modem, you've heard about the security problems that these types of "always-on" connections pose to your computer. ZoneAlarm protects against thieves, snoops and vandals. For Windows 98/95/2000 and NT. (worldwide)

    Free Internet Access

  • NetZero - Effective 10-1-01, free access will be limited to 10 hours per month. Ad-free service is a bargain, though, at under $10 per month. (8/8/01)

  • Juno - Advertiser-supported service. US only. NOTE: We have not tested this service. (1/11/02)

    Free Wireless Internet Access

  • Schlotzsky's Deli Coupons - Free wireless access point and printable online coupons, too! (US)

    Discount Service

  • BlueLight - Effective 8/29/01, free service will be discontinued in favor of monthly subscriptions. If you purchase merchandise from them, you will get a free month of service. See site for details. More... (8/8/01)

  • dotNow - This site was off the map in January 2001, now they are back. A sign-up fee applies for free service. We have not tried this ISP. (8/8/01)

    Free ISPs Outside the US
    Note: We have not tried these ourselves (since we're in the US). They are
    included here as a convenience for our international readers to try.

  • Spain: Spansurf - This site claims to be the fastest growing free ISP in Spain today.

  • Switzerland: Sunrise - We haven't forgotten our Swiss users.

  • UK: Clearsignals - 56K, free online tech support, free email, 25MB web space, usenet, mac support.

  • UK: DragonEye - Here's another FISP for our friends in the UK.

  • UK: Freedom2surf - Not only free Internet service, but free web hosting and email.

  • UK: Freeserve - The UK's free internet provider, plus free email and web space.

  • UK: Free-Online.Net - Free UK online access plus unrestricted access to 35,000 Usenet news groups.

  • UK: Club 24 Internet - Free UK online access, unlimited email accounts, plus free web space.

    The Free ISP Graveyard:
    These companies no longer offer free Internet service

  • - This company powered over 50 leading free access brands, then ceased service 12/10/00.

  • American Express - American Express' Internet service will become a pay service, per a message at their web site. (7/21/01)

  • AltaVista - Alta Vista will suspend free Internet service 12/10/00, citing ceasing service as the reason. (12/5/00)

  • Britannica Online - No word on what happened. Suddenly there are no longer any links to their free Internet offer. (12/9/00)

  • - Was powered by This URL now brings up their home page with no message about free ISP. (2/13/01)

  • Costco - Their online and B&M activities are still going. However, their free ISP service was provided by Spinway, who went out of business. They are ceasing their FISP service on 1/31/01. (1/13/01)

  • FreeAtLast - Signup page now says under construction. Former subscribers don't have free access, but it appears as though they can retrieve email. (12/28/00)

  • - Is no longer providing free Internet access. They now appear to be a portal site and are switching people to NetZero who wish free net access. (10/22/00)

  • FreeLane - Web site now says "coming soon." When company informs us they are online again we will remove them from this section. (12/9/00)

  • FreeNSafe - This company is no longer offering free Internet access. ($29.95 setup fee as of 5/00)

  • FreePPP - Was a New York-based free internet service provider. As of 12/9/00, a static message is displayed stating "this site is under development."

  • FreeWWWeb - It has been reported to us that FreeWWWeb is no longer offering free Internet service. (7/00)

  • FunCow (Canada) - We were notified by a subscriber that this service had expired. We tried their main page and it has truly disappeared. (7/17/01)

  • iFreedom - Existing customers lost their access on 10/12/00.

  • i-Love-Cats - As of 12/9/00, no longer mention of free Internet service.

  • India: Log Free - As of 11/7/03, the domain name is also up for sale.

  • Lycos Free Internet - Ceased service 12/10/00, citing 1stup going out of business as the reason. (12/9/00)

  • NBCi - Not offering free ISP service at this time (12/9/00).

  • NetTaxi - As of 12/9/00, this former powered-by-Spinway site no longer includes free 'net access in their list of current services.

  • - This former Spinway-powered site ceased service 12/3/00.

  • Tritium Network - Users completed a short survey each month to get free access. Site down with no forwarding information. (8/8/01)

  • World Spy - This company is no longer offering free Internet access. (6/30/00)

  • Xoom - As of 12/9/00, this NBCi partner states that they are not offering free ISP service.

  • There are still hundreds more freebies for you to discover here! Click on a category from the list at the top left. Thanks!

    Note: (SASE) = self-addressed, stamped envelope required
    (S/H) = shipping and handling charge applies

If you have a free offer that we should know about, or have found an expired link, please let us know and we'll update the list. (We check each submission to make sure it meets our standards.) Check back often to see what's new!


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