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One of my hobbies is flying Radio Control (RC) model airplanes. But my main interest is RC parachuting. Back in my younger days (too long ago to talk about) I was into Sky Diving so RC parachuting came naturally. An advertisement for a 1/4 scale parachutist from a company called A&H Designs in England got me going. I have 2 RC parachutists, one is "Little Juan". He has a red ten cell "square" parachute. The other one is "Small Juan", he has a green 36" diameter round parachute. He is called "Small Juan" because he is 1 1/2" shorter than "Little Juan".

Both Little Juan and Small Juan use two servos to open the parachute and to move their arms. The aileron servo controls the right arm and the rudder servo controls the left one. The controls are like your normal aileron setup. The servos also control the pins which hold the parachute pack tray closed. All in all it is a very basic and simple control system.

I have made up a page with pictures showing the equipment as it is used and installed in Little Juan. It will probably take a little while to down load, so please be patient. Go to Little Juan's "RC Equipment Page".

I have used three different aircraft for dropping the R/C Parachutist. The first one was a Midwest Sweet Stick 40. While it is a very good flying airplane it is not intended for dropping parachutist. The second aircraft used was a Midwest Sweet Stick 60. It originally was powered with a K&B .60 engine and when that one wore out I installed an OS .61 long stroke in it. That combination worked quite well. The current aircraft being used is a Hobby Lobby Senior Telemaster. It has a Super Tiger .75 installed. The Telemaster is an excellent drop airplane.

I will be adding more pictures and information in the future. So please do come back and visit again. If you have any pictures or information to share about Radio Control Parachuting I would be happy to hear from you. Please use my e-mail address. Thank You.


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