That is Sunshine on the left and Gretchen on the right. We found them in a cardboard box marked "free kittens", in an old fashioned hardware/grocery store in Sunnyside/Turner, Oregon in 1992.

Gretchen enjoying one of her favorite summertime activities, lying on the window sill looking out at the world. She had an enlarged heart and blood clots which took her from us in May, 1997.

Sunshine in her rocking chair. Most of the time she takes her catnaps in it, when she's not "helping" us around the house.

"The Cat That Came In From The Cold", Prairie Cat is very gentle and adopted us in 1996 after leaving our neighbors and spending all of that winter hiding under our shed. He sleeps in the garage because our indoor cats wouldn't accept him.

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Gina M. Fernandez
January 1999
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