Little Willie Poems

Little Willie full of hell
Pushed his sister in the well
Said his mother while drawing water
"It's so hard to raise a daughter".

Thanks to Harvey Cooper,
for the next "Little Willie".
"A variation of the one above".

Little Willie full of hell,
Pushed his sister down the well.
Said his mother above her screams,
He's really nicer than he seems.

Willie in one of his nice new sashes
Fell into the fire and was burned to ashes
Though the room grows kind of chilly
We haven't the heart to poke up poor old willie

Little Willie, in the best of sashes,
Fell in the fire and was burned to ashes
By and By the room grew chilly,
But no one liked to poke up Willie.

My friend Joan Solana, gave me the
next two "Little Willie" poems

Little Willie hung his sister
She was dead before we missed her
Willie is always up to tricks
Ain't he cute? and He's just six!

Willie poisoned his father's tea
His father died in agony
Mother came and looked quite vexed
"Really, Will," she said, "What next!"


My heart was a desert
You planted a seed
My heart's still a desert
All covered with weeds

Making toast at the fireside,
Nurse fell in the grate and died;
And, what makes it ten times worse,
All the toast was burned with Nurse.

The Autumn leaves are falling,
Are falling here and there.
They're falling through the atmosphere
And also through the air.

"If half the road was made of jam,
The other half of bread,
How very nice my walks would be,"
The greedy infant said.

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Juan A. Fernandez