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I thought I would add a bibliography of all the resources I have used in creating these pages.  At last count I have 22 resources dealing with Mt St Helens here at home.  They are everything from books, videos, brochures, magazine and newspaper articles, and various other publications.  I also need to make a trip or two to the library to get bibliographical information out of some of the books I've used information from that are there.  I hope this helps everyone who is interested in finding other resources for information.  For other webpages about the mountain, make sure to check out my links page. 

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Mount St. Helens: The Eruption and Recovery of a Volcano (20th anniversary edition)
By Rob Carson
Published in 2000 by Sasquatch Books, Seattle, WA
160 pages

Wonderful book chronicling the history of Mt St Helens from the first explorers in the area to recent recovery and predictions on the future of Mt St Helens and other Cascade volcanoes.  Includes historical photos, stunning eruption photography and recovery photos. 

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Portrait of Mount St. Helens: A Changing Landscape
Essays by Chuck Williams and Stuart Warren
Published in 1997 by Graphic Art Center Publishing, Portland, OR
80 pages

Essays cover such topics as legends about the mountain, recreation on and near the mountain before and after the eruption, and the May 18th eruption and it's impact on the area.

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in pictures Mount St Helens The Continuing Story
by James P. Quiring
Published in 1991 by KC Publications Inc.
48 pages

This book is jam packed with spectacular photographs that show the regrowth and recovery of the land around Mt St Helens.  Also discusses the many ways to enjoy the National Monument while still respecting the natural return of the plants and animals.

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Eruptions of Mount St Helens: Past, Present and Future
By Robert I. Tilling, Lyn Topinka, and Donald A. Swanson
Revised edition published in 1990 by US Government Printing Office, Washington D.C.
57 pages

Photos and diagrams take a more scientific approach to explaining the eruption and the recovery efforts.  There is a great section on continuing hydrological hazards posed by the volcano.  This entire book can be viewed online at:

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Fire Mountain:  The Eruptions of Mt St Helens
By William Boly
Published in 1980 by Durham & Downey, Portland, OR
74 pages

Extremely well written and many, many photos I haven't seen in other books.  Gives a brief look at the history of the area before the eruptions, the eruptions leading up to May 18th, and the science behind the volcanic activity.  Main focus is on rescue and recovery of victims and the impact of the eruption on local, national and global scales.

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Mount St Helens National Volcanic Monument (A Wish You Were Here Book)
By Barbara and Robert Decker
Published in 1997 by Sierra Press, Mariposa, CA
32 pages

This book presents wonderful photography (many of the photos are so amazing they look like paintings) and text that describe the eruption and recovery of the Mount St Helens area.

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photo by Austin Post

Volcanic Eruptions of 1980 at Mount St Helens: The First 100 Days
By Bruce L. Foxworthy and Mary Hill
Published by in 1984 by US Government Printing Office, Washington. D.C.
125 pages

Dedicated to USGS Vulcanologist David A. Johnston, this book takes a day by day look at the activity at Mt St Helens from March 20th to June 27th, 1980.  It also discusses the eruptive history of other Cascade Range Volcanoes and discusses and outlook for the future of Mt St Helens.  Portions of this book can be viewed online at:    

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Mount St. Helens: Images of An Unexpected Landscape
By Mark Lembersky
Published in 2000 by Blue Heron Publishing, Portland, OR
112 pages

This book is jam packed with amazing photograhy spanning the 20 years of recovery at Mt St Helens.  Dramatic broad landscape shots and up close and personal photos show the stunning beauty of the textures, angles and colors that grace the area once more.  Takes you right inside the blast zone for vistas you won't get from the highway.

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Mount St Helens Holocaust: A diary of destruction
Compiled and Edited by Dan Tolva and Larry Winslow of The Columbian
Published in 1980 by C.F. Boone Publishers Inc.
62 pages

The main focus of this book is on the effects of the volcanic activity on locals and how it disrupted their lives both before and after the May 18th eruption.  Lots of black and white photographs that were probably used in the newspaper.  Contains one of the first published list of eruption victims although incomplete.

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The Lady Awakens
By Daniel Postrel and G. Alan Guggenheim
Published in 1980 by Salem Press, Salem, OR
32 pages

This book shows an interesting perspective on the eruption because it was published BEFORE the May 18th eruption.  The final chapter, titled "The Lady's Next Move", contemplates the effects of a major eruption.  "What would happen next?  It was anybody's guess.  The eruption could fizzle.  It could last a hundred years.  There was no way of knowing." 

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