Please read this disclaimer about Kim Zmeskal photos
that do not have "photographer's permission" under the description

Having been bitten by the copyright police, I immediately shut down my Kim Zmeskal Gallery and removed almost all the images I had posted. I am now trying to take steps to ensure I do not run into the same copyright problem as before but still be able to maintain a gallery. A tribute to Kim Zmeskal just didn't seem complete without a photo gallery. First, I want to apologize to Debbie Poe for using her photos without asking first. Before all this started I thought giving credit for work was sufficient. Now I know that it is not.

At this time (5/21/97) Matt Barber, Lani Schea Holmes, and Bonnie Colegrove have been kind enough to let me use their work. All of their photos/art has a note below the photo description to let others know I have their permission to use their work.

All other photos I am assuming to be public domain. They are all photos I have found around the web on various web pages or they are photos I got off of gymnastics newsgroups. While most of these did not have a photo credit with them when I first found the photo, I have done some homework and found the photographers names so I can at least give credit to the artist. I have several gymnastics scrapbooks that I can refer back to and past magazine issues in the local library also led me to the names of several photographers. As for what meet they are from, much of that was also found through research and logical deduction. (sponsor posters in the background, leotard worn, beam style, etc.) I make no money from these photos and take no credit for any of them.

Just because there is a photographers name listed next to the picture
does not mean I have permission from that photographer!

I want to make that clear because I have seen many of the photos I had in my original gallery have cropped up on other web pages. For many of the photos, I do not know how to get in touch with the photographer and did not ask them if I could use their photo(s). If you are one of the photographers whose photo(s) I am using, please e-mail me so I will know your photo is not public domain and we can discuss permission to post your work.

Thank you for taking the time to read this disclaimer. If you have any questions or comments or you own one of the photos I am using, feel free to e-mail me at


Valerie Smith