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VS65R 65-watt combo amp
The revolutionary Valvestate line featured circuitry that emulated the tone of a cranked tube amp with uncanny accuracy. These models were immensely popular with musicians, striking a balance between the lower purchase and maintenance cost of solid state technology with the tube sound that guitarists demand.

All Valvestate amps from 65 watts on up were hybrids. They contained a 12AX7 preamp tube with a solid state output section (hence the name: valvestate).

The Valvestate range included the VS15 (1x8 15 watts no reverb), VS15R (1x8 15 watts), VS30R (1x10 30 watts), VS65R (pictured here) and VS100R combo models, and the VS100RH head.

The Valvestate Stereo Chorus range included the amplifier models VS230, VS232, VS265 and the VS212 extension cabinet.

The Valvestate product line was replaced by the MG Series amplifiers, introduced in 2000. Genuine Marshall covers for your Valvestate amp are still available, so you can keep your older amp in top condition for years to come.

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